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1. Why _____ you going home?
2. _____ do you come from?
3. I _____ been to Ireland yet.
4. Tom doesn´t know _____ wrote the letter.
5. I _____ walking in the park when it started to rain.
6. I bought this car three weeks _____.
7. How many exercises _____ you done so far?
8. Does David live with you?No, he _____.
9. Liverpool is a _____ football team than Manchester United.
10. I can´t remember what the teacher looks _____.
11. I _____ realized she was your sister, sorry!
12. Don´t talk to me. It _____ been a very hard day.
13. _____ you like to go to the seaside this weekend?
14. I can´t play football now, but I _____ when I was younger.
15. FInbar has _____ writing poetry ever since his parents died.
16. Jennifer has _____ working very late at the office recently.
17. Paper _____ made from wood.
18. “I often go to Hastings.” “Really? So _____ I.
19. I want to know what happened, so please _____ me the truth.
20. “Have you still got that cold?” “No, I _____ ill last week, but I´m better now”.
21. If you can go abroad, you _____ carry your passport with you.
22. Bill Gates is the _____ man in the world.
23. Jim really _____ go to the dentist about his teeth, but he won´t.
24. Can you switch _____ the light? It´s getting dark.
25. The sky is dark. There _____ be heavy rain this afternnon.
26. What time _____ you leave the night club last night?
27. I´m _____ to take a skiing holiday in Switzerland this winter.
28. Would you _____ if I opened the door?
29. I went _____ to the city centre yesterday and bought lots of nice things.
30. I do think you _____ to wear a coat if you go out tonight. It´s going to freeze.
31. If I _____ realized you were tired, I´d have slowed down.
32. What is this key _____ ? It´s the key to the garage.
33. After no-one bought tickets to the party, we had to call it _____.
34. If I cook dinner, will you wash _____?
35. At university I had to put _____ with loud music from my next door neighbour every night.
36. Martha felt ill after she ate the seafood and so _____ Carl.
37. I don´t know where Bill is. He _____ have been here by this time.
38. I´m neither more intelligent _____ less intelligent than my sister.
39. _____ John calls soon, I´m going to call him.
40. Helen _____ her windows cleaned yesterday.
41. It´s time we _____, John.
42. A trolley is a thing in supermarkets for keeping the things you buy _____.
43. If you _____ eaten so much when you were young, you wouldn´t be fat now.
44. _____ the time you read this, I´ll be flying to Rio de Janeiro.
45. If you want to come tonight, give me a call. If _____ I´ll tell you all about it tomorrow.
46. Jerry _____ better hurry, or he´ll miss the plane.
47. If _____ I hadn´t bought so many things, I´d have some money now.
48. It _____ a long time to drive to Scotland from London.
49. At no time _____ I suspect he was thief.
50. This conversation is useless. We´re just going round in a _____ circle.

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